Kris Keefer Earns Podium at Vet Nationals!


Kris Keefer Earns Podium at Vet Nationals!

Dirt Rider Magazine Associate Editor, PulpMX host and well established industry test rider Kris Keefer fought valiantly for the 3rd place spot in the 31st Annual Dubya World Ve... Read more


Do you have the desire, dedication and determination but still want better results? Are you not being awarded for your efforts? Let Coach Seiji provide the guidance so you can make the most of your energy, effort and time! 

Success in motocross is dependent on many abilities:
  • Riding Skills
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Anaerobic Fitness
  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Mental Skills
These abilities are best developed through intelligent manipulation of these primary training variables:
  • Frequency of training
  • Duration of training
  • Intensity of training 

This leaves the motocross athlete with the complex and daunting task of correctly manipulating these abilities and training variables to produce the best and most consistent results over the course of a motocross season and to continue to improve throughout a racing career.

But...all you wanted to do was ride!!!

You have the desire and dedication to improve your motocross racing but to be truly successful you must seek out and apply every advantage possible. Only then can you reach your full potential in the sport.

Coach Seiji develops comprehensive training programs to help you reach your training and racing goals. These programs take the guesswork out of manipulating all the abilities and training variables so you can concentrate on the actual training. Periodization methodology used will ensure that you continually improve over the course of a season and from year to year. Periodization will also ensure that you reach your most important events of the season in peak condition for optimal results.

Each coaching package or training plan is personalized for your current ability level and available training time. Coach Seiji specializes in extracting the most out of the least time. This is especially true for time-challenged athletes. Programs are managed through a unique web-based tool that not only provides a mode of contact between you and the coach but also allows analyzing of workout and physiological data. With Coach Seiji's periodization-based training, you will train smarter, not just harder, with personalized and specific training that brings continual improvement!

Work, family, travelling and other stresses getting in the way of your training? Feeling tired during training and at the races, not knowing why? Coach Seiji understands! There is only so much available energy and every training effort needs to count and actually produce a positive outcome. Let Coach Seiji show you how to balance the demands of life and training with recovery so every single effort drives you towards your goals!

To learn more about motorsports coaching services or training plans, read on or contact Coach Seiji today and take the first step toward better results! is an official fitness consultant to: Racer X Virtual Trainer and Dirt Rider Magazine.





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